Electrolytes Powder Plus From PowderVitamin

Created on a lucky day HydroRita mix was born with 0g Sugar | 0g Carbs | 0 Calories | Nothing Artificial from years of family heritage of mixing margaritas this authentic tasting recipe is all possible by our Electrolytes Powder Plus (Lemonade).



(Makes 2 to 3 mocktail)

  • 3oz to 4oz (Favorite mocktail)
  • Juice of half lime – Optional
  • Juice of half Orange – Optional
  • 2 scoops (Electrolytes Powder Plus lemonade)
  • 16oz (Favorite Bottle of Water)
  • Ice


  • Add 16oz of your favorite bottle of water to a cocktail shaker or Juice recipient.
  • Add 3oz to 4oz mocktail, squeeze half lime, squeeze half orange add 2 scoops (Electrolytes Powder Plus lemonade) and ice to a mocktail shaker or Juice recipient - (Orange and lime juice optional)
  • Shake it up or Stir
  • Pour over salted glass rim. – (Salt is optional)
  • Drink! 
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