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Great Product

Recommended by my naturopathic doctor. Tastes great and I feel a fair price for 100 servings! I will try watermelon next!

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Susan Middlesworth

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

Healthiest and Best Tasting Hydrate Drink

This is the most delicious drink and is so much healthier and affordable than all others out there!

Life saver 😁

My daughter was in hospital for several months and was severely dehydrated and deficient in potassium. I had her a bag of the lemonade shipped to her(she lives 900 miles away). Ended up having to make a trip to her to help her recuperate and get her health back. I started using her mix too and it began to help me with my persistent muscle spasms. Got back home and we ordered this 4 bag special. Got the lemonade, raspberry lemonade, pineapple orange, and the watermelon. Now don't forget, these are for supplementing the body, so the taste isn't going to be a sweet treat lol BUT they are enjoyable for getting your electrolytes. The lemonade and watermelon have the best regular flavor. The pineapple orange, you can definitely taste the tumeric, and the raspberry you can taste the beet powder...which is ok doing it in a shot form. But I found if I mix the two together, I like it in my regular 16.9 oz bottles of water... I just take a gulp out first and dump a half of scoop each in there. They do dissolve pretty quickly, even in cold water. I know I don't eat the recommend daily allowance of many vitamins and minerals, so I'm always trying to find the best way to get them. And I drink up to 4 servings of this a day depending on what I'm eating that day. Highly recommend 😁

Electrolytes Powder Plus
awesome stuff

I think all the flavors are very good and to compare prices of other stuff on market it is way more economical!!!! 10 out of 10 rating!!!!

Electrolytes Powder Plus
Powder Vitamin Bundle

I just love this product, I take it twice a day. I like it so much I bought all the flavors that are offered. They all taste great and no bad after taste. I feel like I sleep better, and have more energy after a workout taking these. Like I said I have purchased all the flavors they offer and they are all really good. I will be purchasing more. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Amazing new flavors!

Our kids love the new flavors! We will definitely be ordering more.

Electrolytes Powder Plus
James Burmeister
great value and taste

easy to mix in a water bottle. tastes great and has a lower price per serving than competition.

Great taste

Love it. Have it every morning for the vitamins and a little energy pump

So Far So Good..

I'm still trying out my first order of Electrolytes Powder Plus. I've used it on six rides of 40+ miles so far, in cool and hot weather, and it seems to work well at replacing electrolytes.

I've been using Skratch Clear and was looking for a less expensive product that provides the same (or better) electrolyte replacement. The Skratch product has minimal flavoring, and in comparison EPP has a very strong flavor reminiscent of SweeTarts candy I remember from childhood.

With the first recommended mix (1 scoop to 16 ounces of water) the flavor was too strong for me, especially on longer rides, so I tried a variation on the 1 scoop to 20 ounces recommendation. I mix three scoops with two quarts of water and get an improved (slightly less strong) flavor.

For me, the product could be improved by using less flavoring in the recipe. Otherwise, so far it seems fine, and the lower price is much appreciated.

The XC team drinks more fluids now!

My team of boys carries around jugs of water to maintain hydration. Once we started using Electrolytes Powder Plus, they are easily reaching their goal amounts of fluids, AND they are getting the necessary elctrolytes. No more cramps! They really like the lemonade flavor.

Excellent product

The Lemonade is very tasty and high quality. The ratios of minerals are well done. The price cannot be beat compared to competitors. Highly recommend this product.

Game changer!!

I have been taking powder vitamin for a little over a week and this is truly a game changer. It’s all natural, it has really good flavor, and at a low price. I had been taken advocare spark every morning for the past three years to give me a morning boost but power vitamin provides the same boost without artificial flavors or ingredients that are harmful such as taurine, etc. I am taking a scoop in the morning and one I. The afternoon and feel great! Highly recommend this product.

Love it!

Love these electrolytes! Nice lemon flavor with the right amount of sweetness. Some electrolyte powders can be overly sweet but this is just right! This powder also dissolves nicely in cold water! Dame!

Exceeded my expectations!

As a long time liquid iv user, I decided to give powdervitamin a try primarily because of the price per serving. I wasn't expecting the flavor to be so much better too! Add to that the fact that it has way less sugar, this product is a no-brainer! My wife and I love it.

Clean Ingredients

I love how clean the ingredients are for PowderVitamin! Most products contain harmful dyes/additives that don't do the body good. PowderVitamin has a great lemonade taste and is great for you, can't beat that!

Best electrolytes out!!

Loosing 30 pounds in 2 months!!! Yeah I’ve been trying this product for about 2 months and let’s just say it’s changed my life completely, I used to buy all the other electrolytes out there and nothing compares to this one for the fact that it tastes the best out of all them and not only that but makes me feel the best as well because of the ingredients, I need these electrolytes every day now for my workouts to stay focused and replenished I can’t see myself with out it now “ it’s a game changer” as all my friends who have tried it said as well!

The best product ever

I love this product because it changed my life, I have enough energy to be a mom, a housewife and do sports. the taste is fantastic, I no longer have to make lemonade at home, it is a product that everyone in my family can use. and with your HydroRita recipe I can also make my margaritas without getting hangover


I love powdervitam, it honestly changed the game for me. It has given me great energy and keeps me hydrated all day long. I have experienced better performance at the gym and while doing CrossFit. Taste really pleasant so much so that I drink on a daily basis and is part of my daily routine.

Love this product

I have to said that this product gives you a lot energy
Love the flavor and it’s healthy. Zero Calories.


The boost of energy I needed. You feel good you perform good. There is a extra pep in my step because of this stuff. I’ve noticed my attention to detail improved as well as I’m always ready to go. Compared to previous weeks without compared to now : feeling youthful again, like my teenage self. I’m even running and skipping up the steps as if I am still a kid. I recommend it to everyone. It’s also great on my extra sensitive stomach.

Electrolytes Powder Plus
Stefan DeSalvia

This has helped me better my performance in baseball
as I compete all summer in the heat. This has helped me stay energized and hyrdated, I like it a lot better than any other sports drink such as gatorade or powerade.

My performance at work has improved!!!

So, I was feeling constantly tired and fatigued. Once I started drinking powder vitamin my energy levels and mood improved almost instantly. I also have been trying to lose some weight for a while now, by drinking powder vitamin I noticed a change in my eating habits, don’t feel hungry as I would and lost 8 lbs! 😀 better than that is I kept it off and is been over 2 months. I work in sales and my mind has to be in the right place, this product has helped me focus as increase my sales as well. I’m not one to try things but I am glad this came into my life. I can assure you will not be disappointed. Thanks Powdervitamin for this amazing creation that changed my life.