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PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Patty Drinkwine-Holmes
love this product!

My husband and I love this product! We will certainly buy again.

Best value

I tried the bundle this time. 3 orange pineapple and 1 mango passionfruit. Who doesn't love but 3 get 1 free. And the mango passionfruit was shockingly good.

I love every flavor- these are the best electrolytes!

When it comes to getting the most out of your electrolytes, you won't find one with better ingredients, more servings (100 per bag!), and better tasting. I have tried all 10 flavors and I love them all. I'm more of a sweet flavor person, so I prefer the Strawberry or Raspberry over more tart flavors, but they're all good. The ratios of minerals are also really good. You have to try this companies products!

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Christopher wood

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Jonni-Sue Schilaty
LOVE my value bundle!! Will order again!

I really LOVE this value bundle offer from PowderVitamin!! You are able to pick your own flavors and virtually get one whole bag free! Potassium at its best! Delicious flavors to choose from. I haven't found any flavors that I don't love. Works perfectly with my KETO, low carb lifestyle.

After several orders, we decided we love your product, and I are going to continue ordering them and tried your bundle pack. We’re loving it!

Love this stuff

I really like this stuff. I bought it because of heat here is Texas. Newly retired I helped wife’s family combine feed corn. After 2 weeks and 5 million pounds in 105 degree, NO CRAMPS. I drank 1/2 gallon of mixed powder each day and lots of water. 1st time ever. Quick tip, I add a sparkling water to my jug, gives it a “soda pop” feel. Keep making good stuff, although maybe add a line of single flavor mixes. Like a plain grape or orange, call me old fashioned. But value is great.

BEST Electrolyte

PowderVitamin has the most magnesium , potassium, chloride, and other electrolyte supplements per serving when compared to other brands. And it does not have any artificial taste. Very refreshing. it is the perfect drink to get me hydrated after my exercises.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Ronald Horton Jr
Keto Electrolyte Free of Maltodextrin

I appreciate PowderVitamin makes a Keto friendly electrolyte free of maltidextrin, and containing necessary trace minerals and potassium and magnesium that supports Keto intermittent fasting lifestyle.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Christie Robinson
Great product very tart

I personally love the tartness. My husband is not a fan. A non flavored option would be a great option as well.

Tastes wonderful

It was fast getting to our house and tastes wonderful. You can actually taste the lemon in it . Love it will be ordering more when done or almost done with these that we have.

5 stars

Love the product Great Taste and makes me feel good before during and after the workout highly recommended 5 Stars

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

excellent choice of flavors

Electrolytes Loved By Our Whole Family!

We love these electrolytes. And the bundle is such a great deal. Our favorite flavors are lemonade, lemon raspberry, and tangerine pineapple. Yum!

Love it!

I was looking for an effective and great tasting electrolyte powder. A friend recommended this one and I love it.

Great Product

I really like the product. I love the mineral content, the flavor, price, stevia sweetened and quantity of servings. Keep up the good work Powder Vitamin Team.

Great Electrolyte powder.

This is a great product. The only negative is the flavors are very muted, and they all taste like lemonade with watermelon. Lemonade with kiwi passion fruit, etc. I think they taste great thou. Other thought would be to call the flavors, watermelon lemonade, kiwi passion fruit lemonade, etc. I would buy again either way.

Greatest Electrolytes

These feel my needs for the summer time. I have a thermostat problem and it gets up to 114° here in the summertime.


I love these. I have low blood volume, so staying hydrated is key. I love these they mix easily. They are so much more cost effective than Pedialyte. They taste good too.

Love it and quick shipping

I really like the lemonade and was impressed at how quick my order filled and shipped. Great product and does the job I need to stop cramping.

Great product

Alternative to sports drinks

This is some good sh*t

I didn’t want to buy it directly from the company because I think most companies are not legit. I bought one bag on Amazon and it was good but I got an offer to buy 3 and get one free and I’m sure glad I did, from the company. Screw amazon if you can and buy it direct. They are legit and this sh*t is bomb. Sorry for the language.

Electrolytes Powder Plus
Juan Esteban Arango

One of the best flavors, super refreshing and the added beets makes the perfect mix for an athlete .
Highly recommend