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PowderVitamin Value Bundle
ASSR Susan Flentge

I was very happy to receive my bundle and I have started drinking it now. I think it is very good value. Customer service is great too. Thank you.

RlL TP MP and BG

Haven’t opened the Blueberry Grape yet but other 3 were excellent! … shipped fast …. Great deal!! … thank you PowderVitamin !!

New single serving packs are great!

Very excited about the single serving packs that just rolled out. It’s so convenient to throw packs in my bag and have them available when I’m on the go. The flavor is consistent, which I appreciate, and the serving size is perfect for a 16-24oz bottle of water. This is my go-to electrolyte supplement!

Excellent Value

Love the product and the flavor I select

Love it!

Happy to save!

It was nice to save more by bundling. We drink your vitamin water for our general water consumption. Rarely do we drink plain water anymore. 1 1\2 scoops per 1/2 gallon of water is perfect for strength.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
TreeActiv Evangelist
We love the product!

Great tasting electrolyte with several unique and awesome flavors. We have looked far and wide and have yet to find anything comparable in regard to the nutritional profile.
That said, we were disappointed and quite upset when they raised the price and would no longer honor our Amazon Subcribe and Save Subscription that had been place for several months. They cancelled the subscription without our consent. The whole purpose of subscribe and save is to lock in a lower price for items you use on a regular basis. We feel they should have honored the original price for individuals who had subscribe and save subscriptions in place prior to the price increase.

I really enjoy the flavor and the mineral balance.

Powder vitamin is the best!

I have really been enjoying the powdervitamin. The flavors are Fantastic and has greatly helped me to stop drinking sodas

Excellent in Every Way

Tastes great, less filling. Terrific customer service, too; they’re very patient with the silliness that some customers can present.


Love the minimal/keto-friendly ingredients and that your products are made in the USA. Really helps boost energy levels during workouts and long road trips. Will be buying again. Thanks for a product that delivers.

We love this - my husband works outside in the heat and this has made a huge difference for him.

Excellent Customer Service!!!!

Love this so much !

I drink my water now that I have powder Vitamins! I’m trying all the flavors 😊

Best electrolyte powder I’ve ever had.

Always Great

My entire family loves the electrolytes. It's especially great for the kids who don't always get enough water throughout the day.

Thankful for this Product

Love it. Tastes great. Tons of flavors. Great price!


As a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, this product is hands down the cleanest and best-tasting electrolyte I’ve ever had.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

Great company

I love these products and their customer service.

Value Bundle

we bought 2 packs of Powder Vitamin in the past, went through those. This time we bought the bundle. What great prouduct ! I love it, now know I do drink plenty of fluids.

Great Product!

A doctor recommended drinking water with an electrolyte and I chose PowderVitamin. I’ve reordered three times—the last one was the bundle. I start every morning with 21 oz of PowderVitamin.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Christopher DeBartolo
Best Electrolyte Supplement

I love this product. It’s unfortunately a hidden gem. Most people I know are being duped by Liquid IV and LMNT which are inferior products at multiple times the cost. Most people do not understand bioavailability when it comes to the form of nutrients and I love that this product uses a quality form of the nutrients the body can actually use (Citrate). I use this product everyday and it has really helped me improve my hydration levels. The amount of potassium seems high in contrast to sodium so I add additional Himalayan salt but I am uncertain if this is needed. I recently tried some new flavors that contain Turmeric and I really do not like them as you can taste it. I’m regretting that purchase but I do love the blueberry grape and raspberry flavors and will avoid buying any flavors with turmeric in them for the foreseeable future. Outside of that, I still think this is the best product of its kind on the market for the money and would highly recommend them.

Excellent! But is the stevia necessary in all products.

Hello! Powder vitamin's high potassium electrolyte formulaic by far the best I've found to support my active lifestyle and autoimmune issues; I love it and use it multiple times per day! However, the added stevia is very sweet and does have negative impacts for me with my autoimmune issues. Would you consider creating some without stevia? Even just a custom batch that I could pre-order directly? I would be willing to purchase a lot! And would be happier to continue sharing your products with friends and family. Thank you!

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Andres Rodriguez

I love the product, it tastes Amazing! 👌👍

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Patty Drinkwine-Holmes
love this product!

My husband and I love this product! We will certainly buy again.