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Almost perfect

Fix the ziplock that doesn’t work! The bags do not seal at all.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

Great flavors and benefits

Flavors are all good and the sugarless electrolytes are great

We used your product for quite a while and love it overall. It seems to clump up and even solidify over a short time. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes place it inside a refrigerator and it will never clump.


PowderVitamin Value Bundle

Excellent, great electrolytes, very practical and easy. Feels the difference immediately. My hydration levels improved considerably. Will buy again!

I have used these products for some time now and sent it and given it to other family members as well. Love it

So delicious!! Works in plain or sparkling water. Tastes extra yummy when mixed with lime Topo Chico over ice.

The best way to get my daily water . The taste is refreshing.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
Chelsie Kowalsky

We love this powder and so good for you too!

Game changer

I work long hours in a stressful job, often outdoors and wondered seriously if I could carry on. This product has changed everything. I seem able to think, analyze and multitask in ways never previously imagined and this bundle makes it all the more affordable and easy to peruse my new found life with the optimism long thought lost behind the developing fog on the brain. Never leave home without it- great taste, zero calories and nothing harmful. It’s all a win win.

Great Flavors and Ingredients

Zero sugar and clean ingredients. My husband is hooked as well. I am glad I was able to find a delicious way to stay hydrated

Great flavors

They help me stay hydrated not just with the electrolytes but the good flavors as well. Ty!

Great Product

I love the hydrating power of this powder!! I struggle with trying tot stay hydrated (especially with hard workouts and during hot summers) and this product has been a game changer. I've tried other (more expensive) electrolyte drink mixes, and this one is my favorite. Other brands might taste a bit better, but can't beat the additional vitamins and minerals (beyond just salt, potassium, and magnesium) and value! I've ordered elsewhere before, and this was my first time ordering through the website. I had an issue with tracking not updating, but it was quickly resolved after I contacted the company.

What I've tried:
Raspberry - One of my favorites! I love the raspberry flavor, but it tastes like raspberry lemonade to me. I'm curious how "lemonade-y" the actual raspberry lemonade flavor is :) It's nothing like LMNT's raspberry ice (the reason I tried this flavor), but it's nice in it's own way. As a side note, I'm pretty sure I taste the beet root powder used for coloring, although it's subtle.
Orange Pineapple - A good flavor, but not my favorite. My sister really likes this one though. Again, I feel like this flavor is more like "Orange Pineapple LEMONADE" likely due to the citric acid. I'd also probably like it more without the slight turmeric (for color) aftertaste (it's subtle, and most people probably won't notice it).
Blueberry Grape - This tastes nothing like jolly ranchers or kool-aid. I like it though. It's less sour than some of the other flavors, but has a more "floral" grape/ blueberry flavor. I imagine that's because the company only use natural flavors. It's good, just not at all what I was expecting. I would order again, but I want to try all the flavors to find my absolute favorites :)
Mango Passionfruit - I love this one! The mango and passionfruit flavors are pretty balanced, and it's the first flavor I've tasted without a very noticeable citric acid tartness.

What I ordered and haven't tried yet:
Strawberry Cucumber - I haven't tried this one yet, and won't until I finish one of my other open bags, but regardless of flavor, these electrolyte drink mixes are awesome.

Great flavors

We like all of the flavors, they make a nice refreshing drink with healthy benefits.


PowderVitamin Value Bundle

Best electrolyte powder!

I've tried several brands and this is by far our favorite. We love that they offer travel packets now! I won't be without it during travel this summer!

What's not to like?

1000 mg of K, vitamin C sweetened with stevia and natural flavors at an unbelievable price.

PowderVitamin Value Bundle

Taste is ok. Most disappointing was that I had to pay the postage due on package to pick it up from post office.

Reasonably Priced and Professionally Packed

Well the title says it all... the product bag was vacuum-sealed in a thick plastic bag, and inside the product they were thoughtful enough to put in a desiccant (moisture absorber). Impressive. Plus the product is great-tasting.

Also - I had a question about the product, I emailed them and received an answer within a couple of hours. Excellent. Thanks!

Electrolytes Powder Plus
Christine Rainey

Love it

PowderVitamin Value Bundle
ASSR Susan Flentge

I was very happy to receive my bundle and I have started drinking it now. I think it is very good value. Customer service is great too. Thank you.

RlL TP MP and BG

Haven’t opened the Blueberry Grape yet but other 3 were excellent! … shipped fast …. Great deal!! … thank you PowderVitamin !!

New single serving packs are great!

Very excited about the single serving packs that just rolled out. It’s so convenient to throw packs in my bag and have them available when I’m on the go. The flavor is consistent, which I appreciate, and the serving size is perfect for a 16-24oz bottle of water. This is my go-to electrolyte supplement!